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Working in agbee as a Foreigner: Language barrier is no more a barrier for me

Working in agbee as a Foreigner: Language barrier is no more a barrier for me

Life after moving to Japan

I came to Japan on 11th January 2020, just a month before Covid19 hit our lives. I have always been passionate about working in a design studio. However, due to Covid19, I have struggled a lot to find the right place plus the language barrier has always been the biggest issue for any design studio to give me the chance. So, I started looking for English teaching jobs, however didn’t find any success due to the pandemic. In September 2020 I got enrolled in Keio Media deign to pursue my Master’s degree which is taught in English. I consider this as a turning point in my life in Japan. I took a basic Japanese language course in my first semester and learned few words of Japanese that gave me confidence and hope for survival in Japan. In addition to all this, I kept looking for a job. One day a friend of mine informed me regarding new job openings in agbee. I was over the moon when she told me that people who are not able to speak Japanese are as welcome as locals. Without wasting any time I applied for the vacancy in agbee and I got an interview call the next week.

First Meeting with agbee People

It’s no surprise that nerves get involved before an interview, especially if it’s for a job you want and the stakes feel very high. I was nervous and dubious about the job as I do not know the Japanese language. To my surprise, everyone in the interview panel was so cooperative. They took my interview in English and someone uses to translate Japanese for me whenever required. I found agbee so welcoming in nature for a foreigner like me who doesn’t understand Japanese. agbee is a place that gives chance to a person willing to work and have the skills irrespective of the Japanese language. I love the idea of having a mixed culture and recruiting foreigners too to reach the goal as a team.

My experience in agbee

For people like me who barely speak Japanese, working in a company which is dominated by Japanese speaker can be really difficult. But I am lucky enough to work where everyone is so supportive and those who know English act as a translator for me and explains everything to me. I am completely enjoying working in a culture I was not familiar with. I learn new things each day from agbee people. agbee for me is not just a company, it’s a family now and we all love to learn from each other and that’s what makes us strong.

Working in Japan as a foreigner can be challenging, but, as I found, you might gradually fall in love with its unique culture, excellent food, beautiful seasons, and its clean, convenient, and safe environment. You won’t know until you try.