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Need to Integrate Robotics and AI in the future farming.

Need to Integrate Robotics and AI in the future farming.

Farming before the advent of industrial revolution

Before the Industrial Revolution, agriculture workers labored six days a week, from sun up to sun down, just to keep their crops growing. Certain seasons were more demanding than others, specifically the ploughing and harvest seasons. The labor was difficult and at the same time there was the rising demand of food which made the farmers life more hectic. Due to the difficulties of agricultural labor, it became important to innovate the industry, therefore Agricultural Revolution, added a new vision to farming. From primitive farming techniques which symbolizes the hostility of physical labor, to modern day farming equipment that has probably had the most significant impact on how farmers raise crops and care for livestock and have enabled farmers to produce more with less labor.

Modern Farming with Robots

Today, modern farms and farming activities are significantly different from those of a few decades ago, due to technology developments such as sensors, computers, robots, and information technology. Agriculture today employs advanced technologies such as robotics, temperature and moisture controls, aerial photographs, and GPS technology on a regular basis. All this have enable agriculture to be more efficient, competitive, smarter, and environmentally sustainable.

Agricultural robots are broadening the reach of farmers in a number of ways. These robots assist in the efficient completion of a variety of complex agricultural activities, decreasing manual labor, increasing production, efficiency, and resulting in high agricultural yields. The possibilities for robot-assisted productivity are endless. With the aim to revolutionize the farming industry as well as increase their market reach and revenue, organizations have been gearing up for new robotic technologies in recent years.

Artificial intelligence in robots

With the development of AI, robots can perform the crucial tasks with a human-like vision to detect or recognize the various objects. The AI in robotics not only helps them to learn certain tasks but makes them more intelligent to act in different scenarios and behave with their users. Our farmers do not just need a robot that can get the task done for them but they want more from the intelligent robots who can assist them and most importantly be their working partner. The general characteristic of a working partner is someone who understands you and make your daily life chores and routine enjoyable, easy and more productive. This is only possible with the artificial intelligence integrated in the robots based on a database, with data mainly derived from the number, interaction mode and duration of interactions between humans and robots, and then design an algorithm based on the growth trajectory of Robots.

This will not only automate and help farmers to improve crop yield and boost productivity but farmers will have their working partner. So should AI get integrated in Robots to make them more intelligent? With the aid AI the role of farmers will not change but it will enhance their farming experience resulting in better productivity. Artificial intelligence does not only understand the predictive processing of a wide range of subjective and objective variables, but also create a wide variety of styles easily.